How To Identify Your Personal Brand Identity

How To Identify Your Personal Brand Identity

Who says you have to own a business to establish a brand identity? Design is both personal and psychological; therefore, it is so important to understand what it is that we are naturally drawn to. Of course, the digital and printed publications can help inspire, but there is such a critical element to establishing your own aesthetic and not feel compelled to just copy some picture on the internet that may not even serve your lifestyle. To help identify your personal brand, here are few key questions we recommend asking yourself:

  1. How do you want your space to feel?
    • Cozy, Warm and Inviting? A few examples are:
    • Neutral Tones – and if so, would you want to achieve this by simple elements such as paint and finishes or go as far as incorporating indigenous products?
    • Eclectic, Artsy and Full of Personality
      • Bright and Fun
      • Dark and Moody
      • Eclectic Mix of Both
    • Trendy (while trends can often be swoon worthy, they can also lack personal character and charm, often going out of style as quickly as they came in). A few current trends that come to mind are:
      • Farmhouse
      • Boho Chic
      • Scandinavian
  2. How will your space function? How do you spend a typical day?
    • Who’s living in the space? It will obviously function differently if you’re:
      • Single Introvert (No Kids) – Hosting isn’t your fave. You’d prefer to nestle up by the fire with a book and your pet
      • Single Extrovert (No Kids) – Your door is always open, whether it’s a fun dinner party or your mom staying in town, you are always down for company!
      • Family of Three or Family of Eight – We believe that even with just one kid, your space must be conducive for the toddler to teen lifestyle. This means childproofing, not having breakable goods on display, and all things kid friendly. There is such a stigma stating that family-oriented spaces can’t be cool, which we don’t agree with at all. I’ll talk about that in a later post.
  3. What colors are you naturally drawn to? What are your least favorite colors?
  4. Is there anything you would like to showcase in your home?
    • Are you a collector of fine art? Matchboxes? Antiques?
    • Do you prefer the minimal approach with less goods?

When evaluating these questions, it’s also important to identify what perception you wish to avoid in your personal brand and style. For me, some examples would be pretentious, cold/ unwelcoming, trendy, and formal. One of my number one goals for those coming into our home is that it always feels warm, cozy, and inviting. We want them to know they are always welcome and can stay as long as they would like. Our kids have play spaces in almost every room, allowing them and their friends the freedom to be flexible with which room it is they wish to be in.

Identifying your brand is such a personal exercise. We would recommend doing this over time, not rushing (unless it’s a simple task for you), and also checking in once or twice a year, as aesthetic preferences can change from time to time. In doing this, you shouldn’t go to Pinterest or Houzz. This is you, your home, your style; not the internet’s. There is such a lost sense of self in the design trends of today, which is so unfortunate. By completing this task, you will be well on your way to acquiring a space that not only reflects who you are as a person but also exudes the surroundings in which you desire; in turn, allowing you to thrive as an individual/ family. Once you spend time creating your brand identity, you can then turn to Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration pics or better yet, hire a designer to help you evoke your sense of style and bring your identity to life.

Here’s a little glimpse into my personal inspiration board. I personally love deep green tones, the caramel hues of coffee (the fact that I’m a coffee fanatic probably has a great deal to do with this!), mixing textures is so important – old and new, hard and soft, textural and smooth… whatever it may be, the addition of texture is such a great practice for any space!

Note: The beautiful images found on this board were sourced on the internet.

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