The beginning of F+P

The beginning of F+P

In our youth, we’re often asked the cliché question: “What do you want to be when you grow up.” While striving to figure out what it is that we want to do with the rest of our lives {let’s be honest, at that stage in life, our spate imagination is not only overflowing, but non-warily optimistic}, the majority of us eagerly and confidently respond with familiar vocations. Not only do we hope to touch lives, but in the stage of our adolescent minds, we choose jobs that we imagine will change the world forever. The term “choose” is used sensitively, as we typically respond with those that are quite common to us; maybe dad is a cop or we have a fireman Lego set and go around the vibrant Lego city saving lives. My mom happened to be an artist- a creator- therefore, I dreamt about creating. I would sit in my room for hours upon end drawing; in my case, floorplans and elevations. I wished to someday be an architect- creating masterful spaces where people would want to congregate – houses, buildings, it didn’t even matter. But I had dreams.

 I feel as if it builds us up in a sense to only be let down. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun to be a dreamer, an idealist – to get lost in a secure place that will carry us through our teenage years, aiming for those personal goals to do well in school and “be the best we can be,” as our parents often reminded us. But doesn’t it feel as if at some point along the way, you loose that sense of self? That excitement to change the world and make a difference? To this day, I still sit and wonder what it is that steals that away from our souls- is it the fact that we are surrounded by pessimists who are lost in the ever-so materialistic world and never find happiness in the earthly things? Is it all of the sad and angry people who are so bitter and unforgiving from past experiences that shoot our star-gazing dreams down through words they speak to us, telling us that we’ll never succeed, or we’re not good enough? Or is it just the fact that most of us just follow the probable pattern of graduating highschool, going to college, then finding a job- not really a career- just a job. To make money, because let’s get real here, we need money to live. Your dreams are no longer a necessity, money is.

That is when it happens. We find ourselves working full time jobs that are everything but fulfilling. We’re beaten down, tired of the monotony, exhausted from deadlines that seem to be constant {because as you know, everyone always needed it yesterday}, barely making it. What happened to those dreams of changing the world? That overflowing optimism that brought those huge, effortless smiles to our innocent faces when asked what we wanted to be when we grow up?

As a creative spirit, I have had the chance to somewhat live out my dream. I have had the opportunity of designing upscale hotels, trendy restaurants, sleek corporate offices- however, now it doesn’t feel like it was a dream at all. Let’s just say that once I reached my “dream”, the thrill was lacking.

Turning 30 has really opened my eyes to have a new vision of life. A more grown-up perspective, if you will. As we get older, we realize our responsibilities and have a greater desire as to what it takes to really make our dream happen, that is, if you’re lucky enough as to not have lost site of that dream because most of us have.

While doing lots of soul searching, I’ve continued to struggle with the fact that 99.9% of the world today is unhappy. Here’s what I want to tell our children today- “I don’t want you to think about working, don’t think about what you want to be, just be happy. Continue to be happy and you will succeed at whatever you do.”

Isn’t being happy the dream that most of us have today?

As a designer, I often struggle that I’m just designing pretty spaces. Spaces made up of high quality furniture, with art so expensive it probably came from a gallery, custom light fixtures that cost more than most of our cars…. All just things, material things. It’s similar to the thought of what makes a celebrity a celebrity? They are no different than you or me. These expensive fixtures function no better (most of them at least) than my estate sale finds scattered throughout my house – in fact, I cherish no piece of expensive art more than the piece I have hanging in my dining room, that my mom painted when she was in highschool.

Perhaps she painted it while dreaming of one day being a world renowned artist.

With all of this said, I feel comfortable with stating that my adult dream is to utilize the gifts that the good Lord has blessed me with- making people FLOURISH + PLUME within their surroundings.

To flourish is to thrive, to be in one’s prime, to be an influence and be successful and prosper. I want to be clear- by using this term, I don’t want the definition of success and prosper to be misconceived. My desire is to make those feel successful and prosperous by creating beautiful, out of the ordinary spaces for them to live in so that maybe their dreams will be revealed once again, while living in a space where they feel comfortable, since the world is so uncomfortable.

The word plume, in its verb-state, means to feel complacent satisfaction with oneself. So many of us lose that confidence to go after what we really want, I hope to bring that back to life through my designs, and making people plume within their surroundings, giving them that hope, encouragement, and confidence that they can one day make their dreams come true after all.

So maybe our dreams aren’t lost. Perhaps they just go away for a little while throughout our young life as we “figure things out.”

Here’s to Fourishing + Pluming, now go chase your dreams!


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